Who is Triyo?

“Triyo creates sustainable solutions to unique user problems.”

We think big! Triyo work with you to help you improve your business strategy, business processes and services.

Triyo is a sustainable organisation, inside and out, and projects this philosophy in every aspect of its work. We have an ethical mindset and try to invest our time in projects we believe in. We use Design Thinking to help you achieve your business goals. Triyo’s approach is transformative and visionary.

What we do

“We think holistically. We consider the various systemic problems you are facing and help you overcome these challenges.”

To remain competitive, your strategy should be visible in your systems, processes and workflow.

Triyo uses design thinking to create solutions to strategic, system and service related issues affecting your organisation and its customers. Triyo can help your organisation increase its innovation qualities and competitive capabilities by co-designing a multifaceted plan that provides you with the structure, support and direction you need to successfully respond to change.

How we do it

“Triyo helps you define your goals and articulate your business strategy.”

Strategic design is a holistic process that improves your work-flow, structures and systems, and enables your business to become customer-centric.

We come to your organisation with an open mind so that we can objectively assess your current state and pin-point issues that affect your organisation’s development. We help you create one consistent language that clearly expresses your philosophy, business interactions, products and services. Based on our insights, we make actionable recommendations and guide you through the process of testing, implementing and evaluating these changes.

Why change?

“We are aware that the world is becoming fast-paced and increasingly competitive. We therefore promote a proactive approach to change.”

Organisations periodically renew themselves in order to keep up with current trends and global change.

Triyo helps you identify, track and predict social, cultural and political shifts that may affect your organisation. We help future-proof your organisations’, strategy, systems, processes and tools, to ensure you are ready to face the future..